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The most implemented tool in the industry.
A communication tool for linking multiple stores Efficiently and reliably linking head offices and stores.

Enables stores to focus on their operations. Assist with the development of stores that appeal to customers.

  • Instruction compliance rate Improved 70%?0%
  • Work time Cut down 30 minutes per day
  • Sales Increased 30%

At supermarkets, apparel stores, restaurants etc. Used at 35,000 stores.

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Issues that arise along with the increase of storesIssues that arise along with the increase of stores

  • Instructions aren't properly carried out.

  • I can't see how
    each store is doing.

  • We can't focus
    on providing customer service.

  • Number crunching
    takes up too much time.

Too busy with follow-ups and confirming store statuses, andthere isn't enough time to develop a store that appeals to customers

The issue is communicationThe issue is communicationCommunication methods that may have worked with just a handful of stores break down as you expand and grow.

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  • Instructions are not properly carried out
    Instructions are not properly carried out at some stores due to a store or area manager's lack of management skills.
    Difficulty with following multiple instructions
    Stores simultaneously receive multiple instructions from several head office personnel and have to implement them all.
  • Instructions differ from department to department
    Unable to know what instructions were given by other departments results in disjointed communication with stores.
    Too caught up with handling information to provide customer service
    Instructions are received from the head office through different means and formats, leading to difficulty in comprehension and organization.

The issue is communicationThe issue is communicationShoprun® is a communication tool that specializes in linking the head office with stores. Information from the head office is organized and communicated smoothly to all stores.

Instruction compliance
Instructions for the day are instantly communicated through the store top page. Reports can also be prepared and sent easily.
Improve operations and work speed
The system shows store workloads and effective approaches of successful stores, which helps to consistently improve operation quality and speed.
Assess store status
How each store is doing, as well as what successful stores are doing different, can be checked on without making personal visits - follow-ups are a breeze.


Photo report
Questionnaire response check
Number crunching
Inter-store communication app
Community function
Workflow chart
Link with
other systems
Create time for inter-personal communication andput more focus on what's important


  • It's easy to use, allowing seasoned staff and young workers alike to smoothly carry out tasks.

    (Store manager)

  • Work efficiency has greatly improved, and we now have more time for our customers at the store.

    (Store staff)

  • Questionnaire operations has really been optimized. It now takes much less time to develop store improvement plans.

    (Head office representative)

  • Instructions for work operations can be organized and communicated appropriately. Stores are now able to carry out instructions more accurately.

    (Head office representative)

  • Transportation time can be used more wisely through the use of smartphones/tablet devices.

    (Area manager)

  • Details of instructions are communicated accurately, and there is less backtracking work.

    (Head office representative)

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